Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sanders. Hillary. TV...........................from Rico

SANDERS. What most do not 'know' about him from watching TV:
- He voted against the unpatriotic Patriot Act.
- He voted against the false-flag Iraq War.
- He voted against the taxpayer-funded Banker Bailout.
HILLARY. What most do not 'know' about her from watching TV:
- Her positions were all exactly the opposite to those of Sanders, she voted for all these and more.
So which one of them are you really "ready" for?
TV. Well, the entire media complex has SIX owners. Every network, every channel, every newspaper, repeating the same thing all the time until it "sinks in" and the happy voter "gets the message." It's not called 'programming' for no good reason. What most are supposed to 'know' from watching TV:
- Hillary's loss in WI doesn't matter (although the same as Trump's and her 7th loss in a row, eclipsing her 6 lucky Iowa coin-tosses).
- Trumps loss in WI matters (but no mention of NY possible knocking Cruz out of the running delegate-wise).
- Cruz is an "outsider" (but no mention of the Sen. presenting welcome baskets to illegals at the border).
- Women hate Trump (especially Debbie, Hillary, and the View).
- Sanders can't win the D nomination, the DNC has already picked Hillary (but no real mention of superdelegates).
- Trump can't win the R nomination, the GOP will have to pick a winner (like they did with Romney and McCain).
See? It's all so easy to understand when the media explains it to you (but no mention that whichever 'side' wins, you lose, or that anybody selected randomly off the street would do a better job than either candidate 'selected' by the two wings of the establishment UniParty [for those who haven't gotten the memo, read: the Wasserman-DNC and the Priebus-GOP]!

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