Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Socialism Will Do This.....................from Rico

The example of socialism in Venezuela appears to be "lost" on American Democrats who are supporting either Sanders or Clinton....both socialists.
- Both are promising that what socialism has done for Venezuela, Cuba, the USSR, et al, it can 'do' for America if people will just wise up and vote for them.
How many times does socialism have to fail and collapse on itself before the clueless 'left' finally gets a clue?
- Can people really be this dumb? Yes, they can. Si, se puede.
One of the richest oil countries in the world, Venezuela, embraced socialism. The country is now broke.
- They bring to life the old joke:
Q: What do people use for light after socialism?
A: Candles.
Food shortages left the Venezuelan people hungry.
- Problem solved, socialism made toilet paper disappear and if you don't eat, then you don't need it.
Socialism is collapsing Venezuelan society.
- Problem solved, socialism has left no electricity to watch it fail.
*Socialism will work! You can ask for whatever you feel like, and it will give you whatever it feels like. Sounds "fair" according to Bernie and Hillary.
*When pigs fly, or when yet another socialist gets elected..........

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