Friday, 15 April 2016

The Day After.................from Rico

I guess Barry figured no one would believe him if he said "If you like your Main Street, you can keep your Main Street. Period." so he had someone else peddle this latest fiction [read: lie] to the great unwashed.
The day after her 'unusual' (and first) meeting with Barry, Yellen announces that the FED is "Focused on Main Street...Helping All Americans."
Wow. Just WOW.
- Yeah, it's all about Main Street! The bank bailouts, the deflationary ZIRP, the money printing, has ALL been about "helping" Americans. I'm from the FED, and I'm here to help. Really. Honest. Pinky swear. 
The message?
- Now STFU and Vote Hillary! Vote to keep the status quo!
................and remember:
Slavery is Freedom
Ignorance is Strength
War is Peace
With friends like this "looking out" for you, who needs enemies?

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Steve Kotz said...

What is the source for these charts?
Where can I find the information?