Tuesday 12 April 2016

VOTERLESS...............................from Rico

Voterless. Chew on that word for one moment. VOTERLESS.
- What does voterless mean? It means VOTERS HAVING NO VOTE. No voters.
The Colorado GOP deprived millions of the right to vote and made them politically voiceless by diktat, by a decree imposed upon them by a ruling elite.
- That is something that happens in a dictatorship, not a democracy.
I'm hearing that many are calling this a "blunder" but suspect that it was a beta test, a dry run for something bigger.
- Voting is obviously too important to be left to the voters, so the ruling elite will just have to vote for them.....for their own good, of course, because they're obviously too stoopid to know what is best for them or to appreciate the choices presented to them (like Romney or Jeb or Marco) so they'll have to be told what is good for them by their betters.
Calling the Cruz "Colorado putsch" a "voterless victory" glosses-over the ugly fact that this may be a "pyrrhic victory" where the actual costs far outweigh the hoped-for benefits.
- If voters and their votes don't count, why vote? Vote for what? JFK had some elegant words about what happens when peaceful change is made impossible, but the less elegant interpretation is "tree+rope meet politician."


Joel Leggett said...

Good grief. Before you sound off about something you clearly know nothing about maybe you should do a little research first. It will keep you from appearing so pig ignorant.

The fact of the matter is that Colorado Republicans voted for delegates to attend the convention. They didn't vote for the candidates. It was the delegates that were previously elected to attend the state convention that voted for the candidates and Cruz won their vote. The rules on how this process worked were decided on in August of LAST YEAR!

No one was disenfranchised. Nothing was "voterless." No rules were broken. The process was decided on in the open long before the convention was held.

I suggest that you educate yourself on these things before you make hyperbolic threats about hanging people from trees. What a clown!

Rich said...

Well said, Joel. Colorado's process is a lot closer to how Colonial America got representatives to the Continental Congress

Mark Levin covered the Colorado process in detail last night. He had multiple callers from Colorado, experienced and new, explain the process and document their experience. Anyone interested in the truth should hear their stories.

Eskyman said...

Well, Joel- I'm sure glad I don't live in CO, where supposedly the delegates were voted upon "in August of LAST YEAR!"

Who voted for those delegates? Apparently not the people of CO, but who cares what they want. Those stupid unwashed idiot voters might vote for the wrong person, which is why they have delegates to do that for 'em. The Party knows best!

Yeah, no "rules were broken." If there was any chance of that, why the rules would just get changed, wouldn't they! Anything necessary, so long as it ends up with the "right" candidate, which oddly enough is the exact same candidate the Party chooses!

Oh, and Cruz didn't win their vote. He was given it on a platter, as he is "anyone but Trump" and that's the important thing! I'm so looking forward to the hilarity we'll all enjoy when the establishment GOP dumps Cruz in favor of someone more to their taste; let's see, they already own Jeb! and Rubio, & those two will do anything the Party wants... or it could be Ryan, he's also bought & paid for... oh, the suspense is killing me!

Sorta spoils the joke, when I consider that if any of those crapweasel lawyers do manage to stop Trump & get the nomination, then Hillary wins. And that's the end of the freedoms this country used to have.

Too bad, Ben Franklin; we did have a Republic, but we couldn't keep it. Political parties have undone us, and we'll never recover.

JP said...

Yeah Joel's right, and oddly enough, the Colorado rules were enacted to try and keep the Cruz types from winning the primary in the state, keeping the base powerless, and making it a safe "Establishment man's gonna win it" primary.

Anonymous said...

Another fearless display of ignorance there, Eskyman. As Joel said, you should really educate yourself on the facts.
The Colorado republican party changed it RULES in August of last year.


The caucuses were held and delegates were selected to go to the state convention:


Cruz had a better ground game in Colorado, went there to woo delegates successfully, while the state was ignored by Trump, and that is being 'given on a platter'? Cruz and his team know the rules, and The Donald and his team DON'T. And just like with law, ignorance is no excuse. He thinks he'll win just by force of his personality.

Now, Trump got 45% of the vote in Florida, but received 100% OF THE DELEGATES 'on a platter'. And those were the RULES in Florida. But the 'will' of 55% of Florida's voters was undermined, by your definition. Why aren't you pissed off about that one?