Monday, 16 May 2016

America in the Toilet....................from Dan Friedman

Why do I get the feeling that the end-game for BHO's tenure includes leaving us confused, bewildered, and not knowing which end is up as a people and a nation? Can you think of a greater legacy that that? Although you could say that's been Obama's goal all along (and he's had great success), this bathroom travesty is his pièce de résistance since it immediately sucks every one of us up into the vortex he's created. No exceptions or political affiliations. And now, with his pen and phone, Obama is hell bent to make this twisted ideology the law of the land.  
Perhaps in normal times Obama would be drummed out of the White House. But in the Age of Obama the idea is to make us as clueless as possible – then elect a hopelessly corrupt butch to carry the torch.

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