Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Damn you Venezuela!....................from Rico

You thought it would be 'cool' to go Communist, didn't you? You ignored what a flaming failure Cuba has been, and thought it would be 'different' this time, didn't you?
- Besides, there was all this tempting 'free' stuff that Chavez and his pals promised you, didn't they?
Well, when you ran out of toilet paper, it saved you a lot of money because you couldn't buy any, right?
- The same applied when you ran out of food...double-plus good: you didn't need to spend money on food and didn't need toilet paper if you didn't eat, right?
But even for those too incandescently stupid to understand the misery of Socialism and the abject failure of Communism, THIS settles it:
- Venezuela is too 'broke' to make its famed Polar beer.
Damn you Venezuela!

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