Saturday, 7 May 2016

Dollar Devaluation.....................from Rico

Remember 1964? Then you could trade a paper $1 dollar bill for four Silver quarters.
- Today in 2016, you cannot do that, but those four Silver quarters would be worth ~$17 dollars. (Don't run to your change jar...the base-metal quarters of today have NO content value.)
Did the price of Silver go UP, or did the purchasing power of the Dollar go DOWN?
- Here is a perfect example of Dollar Devaluation set against Silver and Gold.
LBJ took the Silver out of coinage in 1965.
- In 1965 $100 bought 77oz of Silver
- In 1975 $100 bought 24oz
- Today that $100 buys only 6oz of Silver
Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard in 1971.
- In 1971 $1,000 bought 24oz of Gold
- In 1981 $1,000 bought 2.2oz
- Today that $1,000 buys only 0.8oz of Gold
Do you begin see why Central Banks and Governments HATE Silver and Gold metal?
- Bullion makes their job of stealing your wealth much harder than they care for it to be.

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