Saturday, 28 May 2016

Elton John's Perfect Family - A Positive Image For Gay Marriage..............from Daniel Thomas

One of Great Britain's highest selling newspapers, along with its online version, published a gushing article recently titled "Portrait Of A Perfect Marriage", an intimate story detailing the courtship, loving marriage and idyllic family life of Sir Elton John and his partner/wife/husband David Furnish.

The article's over use of sugary language to describe their union makes one wonder if this isn't the most idyllic marriage ever in the history human relationships.

The Daily Mail article on May 19th informs the reader that it was eleven years ago this month that Sir Elton proposed to David, thus formalising a relationship that - as the world knows - has blossomed into one of the most blissfully happy of show business marriages.

Apparently we know this because they have been generous enough to share almost every detail of their perfect family life with articles and interviews in celebrity magazines and high profile TV interviews.

Untainted by even a whiff of scandal or impropriety this truly wonderfully loving couple makes all other celebrity relationships appear insincere by comparison.

The article highlights their deep love for each other with David confirming that that he is committed to Sir Elton, the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Read the article here 


Pops said...

Read the article here? I'll burn my eyes out first.

Daniel Thomas said...

Headlines can be deceptive Pops, read the article and you never know you may be enlightened.