Friday, 13 May 2016

Getting Worried vs. Already Worried................from Rico

Having put all their 2016 hammers & sickles into one basket by annointing Hillary as the 'chosen one' to be crowned Miss Comrade, President....the always just-a-little-slow to 'catch on' Democrats (C) are getting worried about HMF's (Her Marxist Filthiness) likely 'blowing' a sure thing.
- While Monica could not be reached for comment, a 'backup Plan B' putting Plugs Biden and Fauxcahontas Warren forward as substitute candidates is in the works.
Do they NOT "trust" Hillary to clinch the deal? To bring home the bacon?
- Well, aloha snackbar sez Huma and her Muslim Brotherhood friends.
It is becoming clear that a majority of non-dead voters do NOT "trust" Hillary, and they have already been worried about her.
- Worried for a long time....say the last quarter-century?

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