Friday, 6 May 2016

Hillary - In a class of her own.........................from Rico

We REALLY need to talk.
You have been ruthless, cunning, vindictive, nasty-ass, and murderous in your self-serving and grasping ascent...all of these only exceeded by your mendacity and venality.
- Truly you are in a class all your own.
You were 'given' center stage by halfwits who HOPEd you would grow into your designated role as a feminist Communist role-model of a 'new' socialist America. Your pet projects were promoted on all sides. You were 'given' a Senate seat. You were appointed Secretary of State.
- And for all this you have returned a record unblemished by success. An endless string of failures.
You have become a cautionary tale, a living demonstration of everything NOT to aspire to or be.
- An abomination.
Your own fellow travelers and companions in criminality will be throwing you under the bus in a short time now.
- It's as long overdue, as it is warranted.
Enjoy prison life.
- Free meals....Hell, everything free....and all the sex you could ever wish for. Maybe Huma can be your cellmate? She belongs in prison too, and you still have your 'connections' and a few favors to call can probably still make that happen.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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