Friday, 20 May 2016

Hitler's Plan For Europe - EU Supporters Re-Writing History Again...............from Daniel Thomas

When former Mayor of London and leading campaigner for Great Britain's exit from the European Union, Boris Johnson, reminded the electorate that attempts to force the independent nation states of Europe into one centrally controlled country had been tried many times previously, including by Hitler, the manufactured outrage was laughably predictable.

Member of Parliament Johnson, an Oxford University Classical scholar and historian, merely pointed out that previous attempts by the Romans, Napoleon and Hitler to forcibly create and dominate a single European state have all failed because there has been no desire for it by the various peoples of Europe.

He made it absolutely clear that he was not making a direct comparison between the current political elite and Hitler's henchmen but pointing out that they were trying to achieve the same goal but by different methods.

The howls of outrage from EU supporters, and the usual suspects from the socialist/liberal/self loathing community, was so obviously manufactured it failed to take into account the actual realities of history. The faux outrage was surpassed by Labour MP and Shadow Foreign Secretary, Hillary Benn, who claimed to be 'offended' by the centrally controlled superstate comparison.

(A potential Foreign Secretary that denies the veracity of recent history for political purposes doesn't exactly fill one with confidence but it is par for the course in the modern far-left community)

(Boris Johnson exonerated here)

Hitler's plan for Grossgermanisches Reich or Greater Germanic Reich is well documented whereby he envisaged a German controlled Europe from the "the Urals to the Atlantic".

At worse this behaviour is denying history, at best it's re-writing history. Any student of politics will be well aware that this denial and re-writing of history is standard operating procedure not only for tyrants but also for the modern day members of the aforementioned socialist/liberal/self loathing community along with the agenda driven political elite.

The vision of the Greater Germanic Reich of a European state has been resurrected by none other than British Prime Minister and European superstate fanatic, David Cameron, when he addressed, and deliberately misled, students in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan.

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