Friday, 20 May 2016

How Obama Smeared Bibi to Sell the Iran Deal..................

[All the poisons are slowly seeping to the surface. There will be more revelations about Obama's disdain for Israel and the Jews; not to mention the security of the American people. df]
Testifying before Congress, Michael Doran explains how the Obama administration worked to conceal its true intentions in making a deal with Iran, namely to realign the U.S. with the Islamic Republic and disengage from America’s historic allies in the region. The White House further obscured discussion of the deal’s merits by attempting to manipulate an all-too-pliant media; these efforts included what Doran terms a “venomous whisper campaign” to cast the Israeli prime minister “as the villain of the Middle East peace process, an arch-nationalist with unseemly ties to the Republican party who refuses to make the necessary compromises to bring about an historic reconciliation with the Palestinians.”
NB: Click thru to the story for a short video of Michael Doran’s testimony before Congress.

Dan Friedman

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