Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Ignorance is NOT Bliss........................from Rico

With both the government and the complicit media lying when they present fake unemployment numbers (5% is simply ludicrous) and talk about recovery, while concealing the actual facts and lying by omission, it is understandable if many Americans are ignorant of their situation.
- This ignorance of the facts, while imposed upon them, is NOT bliss, but it is intentional.
But Americans "know" that something is (a) very wrong, and (b) they are getting screwed by their own government and the crony system that runs things.
- This 'gut' instinct partly explains the Trump phenomenon.
Here are some facts to consider. Then ask yourself "what could possibly go wrong?"
Thirty four percent (34%) of Americans are financially supporting the rest of the country, and a bloated, wasteful, government.
- 112 million private sector workers are carrying 211 million people on their backs....and additional numbers of uncounted illegal aliens plus imported Muslim 'refugees' aka Hijrah invaders.
With a current unrepayable $18 trillion dollar (and growing) national debt, how long before financial collapse? 
You'd almost think 'someone' and/or a 'group of someones' was wittingly, intentionally, willfully, and voluntarily, trying to destroy America wouldn't you?

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