Sunday, 29 May 2016

It's the days after...................from Rico

I've always been hugely appreciative of the cartoonist Ramirez's works, considering him a contemporary Bill Mauldin* commenting on the current culture war being waged by the Cultural Marxists.
He absolutely "nails it" once again with his reminder that it's not just on Memorial Day that it is important to remember...but it's the days after.
- Something that the 'leadership' of the VA in DC has completely forgotten.
*If you don't know Bill Mauldin of WWII "Willie and Joe" fame, you really should. He, unlike almost everyone else, captured the essence of what being a 'dog face' in wartime was all about, and he was a friend of the GI (a lesson the DC leadership of the VA really needs to learn). His book "Up Front" is an American classic that should be read at the Pentagon and taught at West Point instead of the pc-thenthitive twaddle being imposed upon them by this Marxist regime of pansies that thinks it is 'important' for them to walk in red high heels.

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