Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Noisy Socialist Cheerleaders Are Silent On Venezuela's Demise...........from Daniel Thomas

Where are they? The silence is deafening. The great and the good, the wealthy celebrities who stood in solidarity with the poor and oppressed from behind their mansion walls and atop their multi-million dollar fortunes.

Where are the career politicians on both sides of the Atlantic who, bloated on taxpayer funded loot, paraded before the world's media proclaiming their support for the late Hugo Chavez and his socialist revolution. The revolution that was going to abolish inequality and empower the disenfranchised and downtrodden?

Where is the former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, who gave his blessing to the the rigged election that saw the dictator Chavez returned to power?

Where is Jeremy Corbyn the far-left leader of the British Labour Party, a life long socialist and prospective British Prime Minister at the next general election? (Read about the hypocrites here)

It has come to pass that from behind his walled citadel the Pope never misses an opportunity to lecture the civilised, developed world about their obligations to economic migrants and their duty to share their non-existent wealth but he's swallowed his tongue on the consequences of wealth sharing in Venezuela.

Most disturbingly of all, where is the media? Where are the images of the food lines and empty supermarket shelves, of desperate people looting the scarce goods that are available in order to feed themselves and their families?

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