Monday, 2 May 2016

UK's Jewish Leftists Parrot Their USA Comrades.................from Dan Friedman

[Birds of a feather: If you follow Jewish politics in the USA, see if this doesn't sound familiar. Can a British branch of J Street be far behind? After all, this proves Jews suffer from the same genetic disorder on both sides of the Atlantic. df]
In a letter published by the Guardian, 83 Jewish members and supporters of the Labour party rejected assertions that the Labour party had an anti-Semitism problem and said the accusations were “part of a wider campaign against the Labour leadership, and they have been timed particularly to do damage to the Labour party and its prospects in elections in the coming week.”
“As Jews, we are appalled that a serious issue is being used in this cynical and manipulative way, diverting attention from much more widespread examples of Islamophobia and xenophobia in the Conservative and other parties,” they wrote, adding “we dissociate ourselves from the misleading attacks on Labour from some members of the Jewish community.”

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