Thursday, 23 June 2016

American Royalty.........................from Rico

With apologies to Mel Brooks for badly paraphrasing his famous line "It's good to be the Queen" .......
Were it not for a Romanian hacker, we would never know some of the secrets Hillary did a better job of protecting than she did above Top Secret US Government secrets.
Stuff that proves old Bernie was actually right about a few things. Debbie Hyphenated name and the DNC were fully aware of and 'cool' with Hillary's extravagant demands for her paid Wall Street speeches. Over and above the $225,000 fee for a 20-minute speech, these were also paid for:
- Nothing less than a private Gulfstream 450 (no commercial air for HER)
- Presidential hotel suites
- Meals, hotel rooms, and walking-around cash for five travel aides
- [and MY personal favorite] $1,000 for a stenographer to record her speeches [speeches not one living soul has yet 'read' because she's actually keeping them secret]

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