Thursday, 30 June 2016

Brexit - Keep The Champagne On Ice It's A Long Way From Done...............from Daniel Thomas

If it means raining on anyone's parade to keep the British people vigilant then so be it. When one looks at the EU's record on referendum results combined with a ruthless political establishment that is fanatically dedicated to the EU project, there is ample reason for the British people to keep their eyes wide open and their powder dry.

It's much too early to be celebrating Brexit on the basis of the recent referendum result. Great Britain is still very much a member of the United States of Europe and will remain so for the foreseeable future, and if the establishment gets it's way, for ever. In any event there is plenty of time for the establishment to operate a scorched earth policy and by accelerating integration make Brexit all but impossible.

As the euphoria dies down and the hangovers heal, opening the curtains has not revealed a sunlit new dawn of freedom from rule by unelected bureaucrats or control over ones own destiny; it does not mean an end to the $85 million per day membership fee, an end to job strangling red tape and, most importantly, it doesn't mean an end to open border mass immigration that was the signature issue during the campaign.

The result of the referendum was unequivocal; despite a campaign where the Remain side had unlimited resources and support from every British institution along with international conglomerates, merchant banks, fat cat businessmen, media moguls, an assortment of millionaires and billionaires, high profile celebrities and even the President of the United States of America, the majority of the British electorate had the temerity to vote Brexit and to leave the corrupt EU.

The EU project to replace the independent nations states of Europe with a single superstate has taken a generation of lying, deceit and dedication on the part of the global political elite and they don't intend to abandon it on the basis of a referendum. Previous referenda, including those held in France, the Netherlands and Ireland have been ignored or the electorate ordered to vote again until the 'right' result is forthcoming.

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