Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Caroline Glick Catches The Israeli Left In Flagrante Delicto.....................from Dan Friedman

[In Israel another leftist scandal has come to light. The leader of Israel’s so-called “Zionist” Union was caught red-handed trying to give away the country to Mohammed Abbas and his Muslim terrorist minions. Here’s the intro to Caroline Glick’s latest JPost column on the subject as found on her Facebook page today. df]
The Israeli Left has two basic problems. First, its leading members are convinced that they are the state. If they are not in charge, the state has no legitimacy. As a consequence, they see no problem openly undermining the government.
The second problem, which is both a product of the first and a cause of it, is that they hate, irrationally, and compulsively hate the religious Right. They view themselves as engaged in a life and death struggle with the national religious camp.
These two impulses join together to bring about the current situation where leaders on the Left act against Israel and spread hatred of Israeli citizens, at home and abroad.

Read Caroline’s scathing deconstruction in its entirety by clicking Explaining the Israeli Left

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