Friday, 17 June 2016

Feeling Safer Now?........................from Rico

Jeh Johnson, Secretary of DHS, assures everyone he is keeping them safe by saying law-abiding Americans are just as dangerous as Muslim terrorists.
- In his own words "right wing conservatives pose just as much of a threat to the country as Islamic extremists."
- Never you mind the +72 DHS employees on the Terrorist Watch List (cite: Rep. S. Lynch, D-Mass.).
- Never you mind that Ft Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando were NOT perpetrated by right wing conservatives but by Islamic fact, while there are endless examples of Musloid carnage carried out in the name of their pedophile prophet {pork be upon him) you cannot name ONE instance of such bestial behavior by right wing conservatives, or Lutherans, or Buddhists, etc. 
This all makes perfect sense only IF you hate and fear Americans more than you hate and fear Muslim terrorists.
- For the rest of us, there remain a couple questions like (a) what kind of drugs are they taking?, and (b) why do these corksnockers still have jobs?
So while America's feckless DHS is "hunting terrorists" the wrong way and in all the wrong places, the unmolested Islamic terrorists are celebrating happily killing people.
Under the 'beard' of "keeping America safe" this pathetic regime is now THE single greatest threat to Americans.
- DHS (and their equally useless TSA aka Thousands Standing Around) should be immediately disbanded. Privately-employed mall cops would keep America safer than these poseurs.

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