Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Greece Is The Fate Of All Europe Unless The EU Is Defeated.................from Daniel Thomas

Despite heavy censorship by the corrupt government-media axis of anything that shows the disastrous reality of the European Union, some determined reporters and bloggers are fighting back by bringing the truth into the public domain. This in turn exposes the lies and deceit that the EU Politburo perpetrate in order to keep alive their failing project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single post-democratic superstate.

It has also laid bare the lie that the European Union is responsible for maintaining peace and stability across the continent allowing the peoples of Europe to enjoy unparalleled prosperity and happiness.

Any failed state in the third world that has been willfully reduced to abject poverty, misery and utter destitution by an authoritarian regime would be generating headlines across the world. It may even force the deadbeats at the UN to suspend their full time anti-semitic campaign against Israel and pass a resolution condemning the EU and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the willful destruction of Greece and the impoverishment of the Greek people. (See here)

Aging rock stars such as St Bob Geldof, who are desperate to keep their names in the public eye, regularly call for the cancellation of third world debt and that racked up by impoverished African dictatorships but they remain silent on cancelling the debt racked up by impoverished Greece.

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