Monday, 27 June 2016

Insane Sacramento Far-Left Violence Shuts Down 'Neo-Nazi' Rally (VIDEO)


Literal hand-to-hand combat.

Here, "'No Free Speech for Fascists!' — Leftist Extremists Launched Violent Attack at Sacramento Rally (VIDEO)."

I don't shock easily, but the beginning of the video, when the black bloc anarchist, armed with a wooden club, smashes a protester in the side of the head, is mind-boggling.

Some of these activists from the Traditional Workers Party appeared indeed to be Nazis, as I found out after trolling around on Twitter yesterday. The only thing is, it was the leftists who started the violent attacks. Frankly, they set out to violently confront the so-called "white nationalists" and shut them down. So who's the extremist? Who's the real fascist?

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Anonymous said...

Alas, I live about 40 blocks from where this display of human scum took center stage. When (if ever) will the media notice that in nearly all cases, the violence starts...on the Left?


This video is a great argument for ubiquitous CCW (or even open carry). Try to hit me, and you're dead. Keep your distance and we have no problem...