Thursday, 30 June 2016

Move along now...................from Rico

It's perfectly understandable that Hillary wants everyone to just "move along now" there's nothing to see, sheeple....and for the love of her cherished class Presidency of a failed generation STFU about that Benghazi stuff. 
- In her own words "what does it matter?"
Well, it matters one whole Helluva lot to a lot of people, and enough of those people will NOT sit down and shut up and are a serious threat to her coronation.
- Many are thinking it's time for HER to move on now, having had quite enough of her sociopathic criminality.
Hillary and her baggage are endangering the Democrat's (C) plans to keep control of the Red Shed, and she may yet be thrown under the bus of globalism as a sacrifice to that end.
- Stand by for a "most interesting theory" along those lines..................

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Mark Matis said...

One more time:

Obama cannot afford to have Hillary indicted. The e-mail "scandal" is just the tip of the iceberg. Far more treason lies underneath the surface. And most of that treason leads directly to Obama's front door. Hillary has the full details on Benghazi. Hillary has the full details on Libya. Hillary has the full details on Fast and Furious, and all the other weapons-running operations by BATFE Field Divisions across the country.

Do you REALLY think that Hillary will "take one for the team" and "qo quietly into the night" if she is indicted? Or will she instead dump the whole steaming pile into the spotlight? Obama's only chance to escape if she is indicted is for her to have an "unfortunate" "accident" before she gets a chance to spread the word. But Hillary has her Friends of Bill. And if Obama's first effort to eliminate her is not successful, then he and his enablers will be dead. There ain't many AA specials in the Friends of Bill, and they have a LOT of successful experience. Just ask John Ashe...