Saturday, 25 June 2016

ObamaCare: What's In It?.............................from Rico

Remember Nasty Pelosi famously saying "we'll have to pass it, to see what's in it" about the ACA aka ObamaCare?
I just read an AP article that I had to "unread, to read what was in it." 
- At first blush, the AP story sounded like an insurer was pulling out of the private health insurance market in Minnesota due to heavy financial losses:
          "MN's largest health insurer is pulling its individual plans due to heavy financial losses."
- The insurer is BlueCoss-BlueShield.
- No mention was made of the ACA, or ObamaCare, or Minnesota's Health Insurance Exchange aka Coop (which was only referred to as MNsure in the article with no further explanation or identification.) Note: It IS Minnesota's ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange/co-op.
- No mention was made of another large insurer "PreferredOne" dropping out of Minnesota's Health Insurance Exchange/co-op in 2015 due to heavy financial losses.
- Neither was "UnitedHealth's" having dropped out of ObamaCare health Insurance Exchanges/co-op's in 28 states due to heavy financial losses referred to.
Eliminating the intentional obfuscation, spin, and misdirection, the above lede can be see what's in
             "MN's largest health insurer BC-BS is pulling out of MN's ObamaCare health insurance exchange due to heavy financial losses."
I could have saved a whole lot of time by just skipping the AP article and reading Pravda to see what was in it.

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