Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Orlando Jihad - It's Nothing To Do With Islam Part I - It's Gun Rights..............from Daniel Thomas

Just when we think that the socialist/communist/liberal community, or 'progressives' as they like to call themselves, cannot sink any lower, they go and surpass themselves by using the deaths of forty-nine innocent Americans in Orlando, Florida to advance their political agenda.

The now infamous quote used by Obama bag-carrier, Rahm Emanual, 'never let a serious crisis go to waste' has been standard operating procedure for the unscrupulous left on both sides of the Atlantic but watching them double down by using this particular massacre has been an unedifying experience and an indication of how fanatical they are about their ideology and their determination to impose it.

The way that President Obama used his obsession with disarming law abiding American citizens in order to shield Muslim's and Islam from blame was shameless and without conscience. It was also a clear demonstration that the man is devoid of normal human emotions with no compassion whatsoever for the victims or their loved ones.

His 'progressive' agenda is foremost in his mind at all times and he will use every opportunity to impose it right to the very last day of his Presidency and possibly beyond.

Democratic Party candidate, Hilary Clinton, is from the same flawed gene pool as the President and equally emotionless. Using the slaughtered of Orlando to push her agenda is comparable with her looking the families of the Benghazi slaughtered in the eye and lying to them over the caskets of their loved ones.

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