Saturday, 18 June 2016

Orlando Jihad - It's Nothing to Do With Islam Pt II - It's Homophobia...............from Daniel Thomas

It's not just in the United States that the socialist/communist/liberal community cynically used the Orlando massacre to advance their own agenda.

Across the Atlantic in Great Britain a similar left-wing callousness exists in the form of media diva Owen Jones, who for some unknown reason gets plenty of air time to enlighten us about the blessings of socialism and to advance his personal LGBT agenda.

His petulant outburst on a Sky TV discussion about the Orlando massacre ended with him storming off the set simply because the other participants didn't acknowledge that the Islamic jihadi massacre in Orlando was motivated by so-called homophobia. (See here)

For those unfamiliar with Owen Jones, he is an archetypal socialist who's indoctrination from birth has driven out any cranial facility he may have had to understand that there are legitimate opinions that are contrary to his own. The fact that Jones maintains an unshakable belief in his socialist ideology even when presented with irrefutable facts and evidence of its failure proves beyond doubt his mental and emotional incapacity.

Like all members of the socialist/communist/liberal community Jones's indoctrination means that he holds deeply held principles solely because that's what's been drummed into his head as the absolute truth.

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