Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pro-Mexico Judge v Trump - Enemies Of A Free America Join The Attack................from Daniel Thomas

When Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, questioned the decisions and impartiality of Judge Gonzalo Curiel in the lawsuit against the Trump University, his enemies both outside and inside the Republican party spotted a potential opportunity to mount yet another campaign to end his candidacy.

When Trump mentioned the Judge's ethnicity they pounced with all guns blazing using their co-conspirators in the bought-and-paid-for media to turn a minor observation into a major overblown scandal that continues to occupy the news cycle.

To the independent observer it was plainly obvious that this was a coordinated campaign to smear Trump as a racist and a bigot with a view to wrecking his campaign thus damaging his prospects in the general election. In the calculating minds of the establishment this would justify his replacement with their own candidate at a contested convention.

To say that Donald Trump has enemies in the American ruling establishment would be an understatement. More importantly he has bigger enemies in the UN-based global political establishment on behalf of whom the domestic establishment and their media operate.

The UN-based political establishment has an agenda which the domestic political establishment is in place to impose. This includes open borders, amnesty for illegals, free movement of people, global government, redistribution of global wealth etc.etc.

Donald Trump's campaign to 'make America great again' is the antithesis of what the the global elite are trying to achieve. Candidate Obama's promise to fundamentally transform America was designed to do the exact opposite of making America great by downgrading the country and ultimately removing from power the Judeo-Christian people who were instrumental in making America great in the first place.

If, as President Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton claim, that America is already great, why did it need to be fundamentally transformed?

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