Monday, 27 June 2016

Run silent, run deep.........................from Rico

When you carefully communicate ONLY via poll-tested and scripted political wind-driven sound bites, it's hardly surprising to note that it has been over 200 days (that's almost seven months for those who are "ready for Hillary") since HRC held a press conference.
- Hillary remains submerged as she navigates the way to her coronation.
It's completely understandable, however. Familiarity DOES indeed breed contempt, and the great unwashed is exceedingly tired of the "same old, same old, being given the business as usual" that she represents.
- Her campaign spinmeisters know this. 
- Her compliant media poodles know this.
- She may even know this (but I'm not sure....she's not bright enough to operate a fax machine, so.....)?
After visibly coming out for the losing REMAIN side of the UK referendum, she revealed her (a) loyalty to globalist interests, (b) disdain for the right of others to decide their own fates, and (c) her usual and chronic political tone-deafness.
- Yeah, she had BETTER put a cork in it for a while longer and rely upon her campaign strategy of "Press We Can" instead.
Hell's bells, Hillary declaring that she is not a liar is just as hillaryous as Nixon's "I am not a crook."
- Puh-lease. Now pull the other one.................

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