Friday, 17 June 2016

Stones and Doorknobs...................from Rico

Once again the "progressives" completely ignore an inconvenient reality...that if Muslims are denied weapons, they WILL throw rocks and stones at you instead.
- They throw stones at Jews and businesses in Israel, and now they are throwing stones at Dutch people and businesses in Holland. As their numbers swell, this is coming to a neighborhood near you.
So far "progs" have resisted the urge to outlaw stones, possibly from a refined sense of political correctness since only Muslims throw them.
Another typical response of "progressives" is to ignore and refuse to say "Islamic terrorist" after yet another Islamic terrorist mass murder, while pushing for GUN CONTROL...not for Muslims, but for law-abiding citizens.
The doorknob currently in charge of DHS has called for law-abiding citizens to surrender their guns while remaining unburdened by any need for explanation of how being unarmed will make them any safer while making Islamic terrorists VERY MUCH safer.
- Drudge, sums up a perfect response in four words: "You go first, Brah."
Not being as elegant a wordsmith as Drudge, my own response to such idiocy is only two words: "Fuck off" (the word 'asshole' being silent).

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