Friday, 3 June 2016

The Insufferable Chutzpah of the Reform Sect......................from Dan Friedman

[I've warned about America's faux Jews before. They are as ambitious as they are deceitful. Having brought religious/political confusion and crushing assimilation to the American Jewish scene, the Reform cult now wants to replicate their "success" in the Jewish state. But the pushback in Israel is being felt in "Temples" all across the USA. And Reform leader Rick Jacobs – the J Street "rabbi" who was a no-show on the Iran deal - seems to have taken notice. In fact, Jacobs is so hopping mad he's issued an empty ultimatum to Israel. Toe the Reform line or else!
Unfortunately, for Jacobs and his dues-paying minions there is no "else."  
In a word, he's bluffing. He’s shooting blanks. For one, the “rift” Jacobs warns Israel about has been in the works for decades. What’s more, Israel will continue to be the beneficiary of that favorable trend as USA Jews move further hard-left and Israelis move right. Jacobs is holding a pair of deuces and wants Jews to think it's a royal straight flush. And as I've done before, I implore my friends in Israel and the American Zionist community to force Jacobs to show his hand. Then, after that, bar him from the game in perpetuity. Extortionists and snake oil salesmen don't deserve a seat at our table, or one shekel from our pockets. df]
Reform's Rabbi Rick Jacobs: 'There is a deep concern, bordering on disbelief,' that this deal may fail
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