Saturday, 25 June 2016

Third Time's a Charm?..........................from Rico

There have only been three national referendums in Great Britain's modern history.
- The one just finished was the third of them.
Mindful of Agincourt and Trafalgar, the Brexit vote may be considered to be a third in historic terms.
Of course the unelected BureauRats, both in the EU and America, are panicked and are the smugly entitled globalist elites who cannot believe or accept that the common people have rejected their advice, arguments, and the dire warnings of their 'experts.'
- None of these 'taking themselves too seriously' people saw this one coming...that the average bloke would clearly see them exposed for not merely pompous frauds, but as the very ones who have mucked everything up, and the people have had quite enough. They have 'had it' and this scares the daylights out of these poseurs.
It was bad enough when they were Endlessly Useless wankers, but they had recently become harmful, damaging, and toxic to Western culture and needed to be stopped before they completely destroyed civilization and raped it with their "refugee" barbarian savages bent on destroying a continent. 
- Better they should be whinging, crying, and having a fit than their innocent victims....the decent folk who mistakenly trusted them. Once trusted them, but trust them no longer.
The Useless Nitwit loving Obama, and his threatened third term Hillary Rotten Clinton should be the very next to face a Waterloo of their own.
- And NO Hillary, not the kind of 'loo' where you kept your unclassified homebrew internet server as SecState while you were on the take.
While we are speaking of rats, Sheryl Atkinson shows us the face of another rat.
- A rat who advised Obama, Cameron, and now supports Hillary. A wag might call him the 'trifecta' of rats rolled into one rat.

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Mark Matis said...

It's Sheryl Atkisson, not "Atkinson".

She also was the first mainstream Media type to break Fast and Furious, after the leading footwork by David Codrea of and Mike Vanderboegh of