Monday, 13 June 2016

To The Political Class The Orlando Carnage Is Collateral Damage.............from Daniel Thomas

It is understandable that civilised people will be shocked by the death and destruction visited upon the innocent club goers in Orlando, Florida but they shouldn't be surprised, after all everyone knew it was coming.

The Muslim groups that carry out these bloody outrages have advertised their intention to attack innocent Americans both at home and abroad via their extensive and efficient social media propaganda operations.

The biggest questions facing the American people, and the entire civilised world for that matter, is why are the political class not listening and taking these threats seriously, and why are they not taking effective steps to eliminate this threat and protect the people of America and the wider world at large?

The choreographed media performances by the political class have become depressingly familiar as the atrocities against innocent Americans continue while promises to act are made at the time then quietly dropped when the news cycle moves on.

It seems like an age ago but it has only been three months since the political elite expressed their collective faux outrage at the Brussels massacre last March where thirty-two innocent victims were killed by Muslim jihadis and over three-hundred injured.

It's only been seven months since they expressed the same faux outrage at the San Bernadino massacre in December 2015 where fourteen innocent Americans were murdered and 17 injured.

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Mark Matis said...

To BATFE Agent Hope McAllister of their Phoenix Field Division, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's murder was collateral damage as well. As she clearly stated in the audio recording surreptitiously made by one of the FFLs she ordered to sell to straw buyers. As released by the BATFE IG and posted on Sheryl Attkisson's area at CBS News, back before they got rid of her for telling the truth.

It ain't just the "political class". It is their Only One enablers as well.

Daniel Thomas said...

You are absolutely right Mark, it isn't just the political class. There are thousands of people in all kinds of organisations that enable the politicians to implement their destructive agenda. They wouldn't be able to do it otherwise.

And yes they do persecute those who investigate and then try to expose them.