Thursday, 23 June 2016

Why NOT ask Hillary?...................from Rico

When an asshole like George Soros (who brags about 'breaking' the British Pound Sterling) and another asshole like Barry Obama (who brags about 'breaking' America's alliance with Britain) are BOTH are telling Britons to STAY in the EU 'because it's for their own good' then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to (a) 'hear' alarm bells, (b) yell 'abandon ship' and (c) vote to LEAVE the EU most ricky-tick and pronto-like.
The latest TNS poll [6-22] shows 49% for LEAVING the EU vs. 42% for STAYING, so I guess some are still thinking along the lines of Barry and Georgi.
Why not ask yet another non-Briton, famous advocate of personal freedom, and yes...asshole...Hillary Clinton what SHE thinks? That might remove any remaining doubts over what to do and move the vote closer to 100% for BREXIT.
I sincerely wish the best for 'old blighty' and hope the referendum outcome is NOT rue Britannia.

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