Saturday, 18 June 2016

Will the Jihad Keep Us Honest? Dan Friedman

A tip of the hat to Barack Hussein Obama and his lackeys in the media. No, I am not being facetious. They have, at the very least, managed to confuse Americans about Islam’s true nature and its real goals for the Free World. For BHO and his boot lickers it’s all about gun control and “homophobia”, or haven't you heard? And that's the way they want us all to think.
The dilemma now for Obama and his allies in the disinformation business is sustaining their fiction in the face of continued attacks by the Islamic enemy - attacks which are sure to follow here and in Europe. Explaining those away will get harder and harder, but with so many of us clueless, gullible, in denial, or simply on the side of Evil, it's definitely within the realm of the possible.
We are, in a few words, approaching the brink at full speed. Attention must be paid and the brakes applied, if we are to avoid a catastrophe.

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