Saturday, 2 July 2016

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Expresses Regret Over Private Meeting with Former President Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

She claims it wasn't planned at all.


Here, "Loretta Lynch Regrets Private Meeting with Bill Clinton (VIDEO)."


Bill Walker said...

I call BS. The Clintons don't make mistakes. They have decades of experience in controlling the narrative to cover their corrupt asses. This was all staged or planned. My guess, to protect their puppet in the Attorney General's office and have her as corrupted and indebted to the Clintons as possible. By staging this meeting she can now use the excuse to recuse herself from the coming Hillary non indictment. She will be able to name a replacement, who will refuse to follow the FBI's recommendation to indict, saving her from having that hanging over her by sacrificing some underling's career (who will be immediately employed by the Clinton Foundation for life) and saving Lynch's career for Hillary's believed presidential term.
If Lynch names a replacement who chooses not to indict, you'll know I'm right.

Anonymous said...

You've nailed it Bill. The Clinton's (and their stooge Zombies) do not make mistakes. It was leaked to the local media by the Clinton Stooges. But Loretta did not and will not recuse herself. It's a smoke screen to hide the non-indictment of the biggest criminal America has ever endured and the criminal instrument of the Clinton machine: "The Clinton Global Initiative Foundation".

Bill Walker said...

Yeah, you're right. She/they were even more conniving than I imagined. Of course I haven't spent the last 40 years covering my corrupt ass like the Clintons so maybe I can be forgiven for not being able to call out their exact maneuver. I thought she would have to fully recuse herself to protect her ass from the repercussions of refusing to move on the FBI's recommendation to prosecute. So instead she's only verbally recused herself setting it up by saying she will be just following the findings of her "career prosecutors" who she will now pass the buck to to take the heat. I should have realized she/they would find a way to meet their needs without sacrificing any of their power.