Thursday, 7 July 2016

Back-to-Back Shootings Revive Cries of Police Brutality Against Blacks (VIDEO)

Lots of blogging on this.

Here, "WATCH: Raw Video Shows the Moment Police Shot and Killed Alton Sterling (GRAPHIC WARNING)."

And, "Alton Sterling Shot by Police After Scuffle Outside Convenience Store in Baton Rouge (VIDEO)."

More, "Update on Alton Sterling Shooting":

And I don't care if the guy Alton Sterling was a convicted molester, or whatever people are saying. The video sure looks like excessive force. You can see the man start to bleed out at the clip. He was shot right in the chest, so no doubt he didn't last long.

Police work is a nasty, ugly line of business. I used to hate cops when I was a kid, because they hassled me and profiled me. But I don't hate them so much anymore. I distrust them with my liberty, but I do know that most of them are decent individuals who mean well, and often are placed in unwinnable circumstances...
And here, "Police Officer Fatally Shoots Driver in Falcon Heights, Minnesota; Aftermath Video Posted."

More, "Black Deaths and Police Brutality, Caught on Video," and "Philando Castile Character Assassination? Was the Mofo a Crips Gang Member?"

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