Monday, 18 July 2016

Badass gun control................from Rico

No, I do NOT mean "badass" in a complimentary or 'cool' way like "Shaft"...but I DO mean: bad [flawed leftist perspective] and ass [typical leftist behavior and problem-solving].
It is NOT 'cool' to be killing cops. It IS bad, but it is stupid-bad.
- It is also the implicit (and sometimes explicit) policy of Barry O'bunghole's regime.
Which segues neatly into ass, as in dumb-ass...back to leftist behavior and problem solving (and Obummer's regime).
Let's have some CRIMINAL CONTROL, and in particular the criminal dumb-asses in #BlackLivesMatter and the criminal assholes (like Soros) that fund them, and the criminal assholes (like Barry the bastard son of Frank Marshall Davis and Al 'Tawana' Sharptongue) that enable and excuse them, not to mention provide political 'cover' for them.

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