Friday, 29 July 2016

Barry does the backstroke....................from Rico

They're not just swimming in human crap at the Olympics in Rio, they are too at the DNC in Philly.
I promise NOT to go off on a tangent about how the DNC turned-off the lights above the Bernie protesters, OR the recent news that uniformed police officers were banned from the convention floor.
- That is how the fascists of the DNC do things these days.
How about I instead mention that during his nomination speech for Hillary, O-bastard referred to himself 119 times?
- Yeah, that's a ringing endorsement for her if ever there was one.
Makes me wonder how many times he can refer to himself during the MONTH of October, when he intends to take the month 'off" (golf excepted) to campaign for Hillary.
- When was the last time a sitting President did that, I wonder? Never, I think. Apart from breaking the law against federal employees politically campaigning (breaking the law doesn't bother Barry or Hillary one smidgeon), that news is itself HISTORIC.

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