Thursday, 21 July 2016

Bipartisan Self Immolation in Cleveland....................from Rico

It's really quite something to watch "history" being made as it was in Cleveland last night.
- I remember well seeing the Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire to protest the violence of the Vietnam War, but I never thought I'd see the moment a politician did the same thing to his career....and televised on the national stage. 
- So much for TRUSTED huh?
On the one hand:
What am I talking about? Well, you can still see him dousing himself with gasoline on YouTube which has a clip of TED at the Fox News debate 03 MAR 2016:
- Brett Baier: "Senator Cruz will you support Donald Trump if he is the nominee?"
- Sen. Ted Cruz: "Yes, because I have given my word that I would."
Trump was clearly correct many months ago when he started calling him "lying Ted Cruz"....makes you wonder what else Trump has been right about all along (despite the bleating of the lapdog media, the professional pundits, and all the rest of the 'anti-vulgarian' elitists).
In a few surreal moments, and in just a few words, Ted struck the match and ended his career as a politician by exposing himself as just one more lying fking political asshole. [ptooey]
On the other hand:
Then there is the obviously "Ready for Hillary" protester and "Darwin Award" candidate in Cleveland who lit his own ass (deservedly) on fire trying to burn the American flag. I understand he singed a few of his fellow dickheads, too.
This is true BIPARTISANSHIP...............

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