Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Black Lives Matter Take Their Racism And Revolution To London................from Daniel Thomas

When shoppers and tourists enjoying London's iconic Oxford Street were prevented from going about their legitimate business by a troop of violent black racists using intimidation to advance their revolutionary agenda, it was most likely they had no idea what the orchestrated piece of political theatre was about. (See march story here)

"Hands up don't shoot" is a meaningless chant to the patrons of Oxford Street, while Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are hardly household names outside the USA. As a consequence they would be unaware that the entire Black Lives Matter (BLM) charade is an anti-capitalist revolutionary movement which was manufactured using deliberate lies to create martyrs out of wannabe gangstas and common street thugs.

They would also be unaware that the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, along with a host of other agenda driven political hacks from his administration, facilitated the creation of BLM as part of their fundamental transformation of America.

Another chant by the BLM street thugs was "F*ck Off Theresa May". What the presumptive Prime Minister had to do with shooting black people in America is not immediately apparent . The fact that May is a conservative highlights the anti-capitalist element of the BLM movement. (See the F*ck off video here)

In order that the British, and other readers outside the USA, be informed about BLM before they get taken in by the propaganda being disseminated by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media (MSM), allow me to put the record straight with the truth.

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Anonymous said...

BLM is funded by Soros, 33 Million Dollars.

BLM is about race war, it is about destroying western society. It is about Revolution