Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bring Motel 6 Carpet Out Of The Shadows..................from Rico

The fact that America 'needs' whistle-blowers like Wikileaks ought to tell you a whole lot.
- Thanks ONLY to the Wikileaks release yesterday of 19,252 DNC e-mails and their 8,034 attachments (and absolutely NO thanks to the so-called 'media' or the so-called 'honest-as-the-day-is-long' Hillary) do we now KNOW FOR A FACT that the DNC "rigged" its primaries and extensively "conspired" with American media. And 'they' said it wasn't so!
Here's where "conspiracy theory" once again becomes "conspiracy fact"............
1. There WAS a plot designed to shmear Bernie Sanders and hand the Democratic (C) nomination to Hillary on a platter.
...stealing the process is OK when we do it.
2. There HAS been repeated collusion between the media complex and the DNC. much for media "objectivity."
3. There HAS been illegal fund-raising by both Hillary and the DNC, against the advice of legal counsel.
...laws apply to thee, not to we.
And nation-wide, Motel 6 carpets live in constant fear today.
- Won't you please help "bring them out of the shadows?"

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Jim said...

If hillary can give away national secrets without being indicted what's a few million in illegal campaign contributions to worry about?