Wednesday 13 July 2016

Chancellor Merkel's Uncontrollable Urge To Govern Great Britain....................from Daniel Thomas

Listening to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's reaction to the British people's desire to remove her from the governance of their country, one would think that she would have swallowed her pride, taken the hint and kept quiet but obviously she finds this simple action impossible to take.

The overwhelming majority of the British electorate voted to the leave the undemocratic German dominated European Union (EU) and become the sovereign, self governing nation that millions made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve.

This didn't stop her telling the British people what she is prepared to allow during the Brexit process even though the negotiations will be with the twenty-seven member states, not just her and Germany.

Such is her dominance over the EU that nobody has the courage or statesmanlike stature to inform her that she alone does not get to dictate the future of the EU, or of Great Britain or of the new relationship between the two.

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Rico said...

Negotiate? Negotiate?

How about AMF! We're outta here...on OUR terms, on OUR schedule. Like it, or lump it AMF.
- Isn't this dictatorial attitude on the part of the EU one of the many good reasons for Brexit? I'd say the EUroweenies of Brussels abdicated ANY say-so in the process at this point.

That sceptered isle should just leave, and they can sort it out on their end...........

Daniel Thomas said...

AMF suits me fine, in fact I argued AMF without the need for a referendum, just the middle finger as we walk out the door. There was no referendum when sovereignty was transferred to Brussels therefore there was no need for one to take it back.

Negotiating the Brexit terms gives the malignant EU a say in Great Britain's future which is the opposite of what the people voted for.

Brexit means Brexit today not next week or two years time.