Saturday, 23 July 2016

DNC Convention. Hillary's Coronation.......................from Rico

As America's slimy "progressive" left oozes towards what is openly known as the DNC 2016 Convention in Philadelphia [and is privately known by everybody as HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) HRC's (Hillary Rob'em Clinton) Coronation -h/t Diogenes Middle Finger for the graphic attached], it is worth observing that forty years of SLEAZE, LIES, SCANDALS and CORRUPTION have given the New Communist Party, aka Democrats, a very deep bench.
Of course the rape-hoaxer Lena Dunham will figure prominently, supported by Blacks (Rachel D.), Indians (Liz W.), Women (like, Caitlyn), Religious figures (Al 'Tawana' Sharpton), Scientists (Al Bore), former Clinton Democrat insiders become infotainment Journalists (George S), faithful Husbands (Billy BJ), and an alleged pResident (Barry Whomever) ...all in praise of the smartest (can't operate a fax), most honest (she's a lifelong, world-class, serial LIAR), murderous political woman in HISTORY since Lucretia Borgia or Elizabeth Bathory (Hillary) supporting her personal ambition of becoming DELETER OF THE FREE WORLD. 
- Oh, yay......
The rallying cry ending the convention will be the traditional Democratic salute to voter fraud:
- Vote Early, Vote Often!

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