Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Dummies....................from Rico

Q: What does it take to be this stoopid?
?:  Maybe YOU can figure this out. I'm stumped, although MY theory follows at the bottom.
Democrats (C):
- In 2008 there were 38,111,311 voters in their primary.
- In 2016 there were 28,269,195.
= A net DECREASE of -29% (9,842,146 FEWER voters).
?: And the DNC machine remains solidly behind Hillary, despite their voter base not being behind her..
Republicans (D):
- In 2012 there were 19,214,13 voters in their primary.
- In 2016 there were 30,261,999.
= A net INCREASE of +57% (11,047,480 MORE voters).
?: And the GOPe is fighting Trump tooth-and-nail, despite their voter base being clearly behind him.
What is the problem?
A: It looks like that fluoridated water is working..................

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Mark Matis said...

People vote for who they are ALLOWED to vote for.

Doubt that? Watch the activities of the Republican Party to deny Donald Trump the nomination he earned through their own primary and caucus process.