Monday 11 July 2016

It doesn't take a.....................from Rico

It doesn't take a village as Hillary Clinton's ghostwriter claimed, neither does it take a rocket scientist to figure out the "playbook" being used by America's "progressives."
Both of George Soro's pet projects and wholly-owned political creatures (Barry Soetoro aka Obama and Hillary Rob'em Clinton aka the Ice Queen) are avid students and devout practitioners of the Alinsky School of how to completely FUBAR America.
Here are the "goals" he set forth, for those uninterested in reading Alinsky's entire guidebook for destroying a free nation.
- Look at how many goals have been 'achieved' under Barry.
- Figure out for yourself what Hillary intends to accomplish if Barry doesn't beat her to it first.
It's not as if they didn't tell you up front about their "plan" America.
- What part of "they intend to totally screw you" did you not understand?

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