Friday, 15 July 2016

Jihad in Nice - Politicians Are Covered In The Blood Of The Innocent..............from Daniel Thomas

Just as we all know that night follows day then day follows night, we all knew that the Nice massacre was coming. The horror and the bloodshed visited upon the people of Nice as they celebrated Bastille Day will shock every person on the planet who has an iota of decency.

It will not however shock the medieval Muslim world, who will be punching the air and whooping with delight as they celebrate another cold blooded murder of infidels perpetrated in the name of Allah. It will also not shock the global political elite who could have followed through on the promises they made after the last massacre to put the safety of their citizens above all else and eliminate the Muslim jihadis in their midst.

The pre-rehearsed routine by the political class will be depressingly familiar, the same threadbare soundbites and insincere platitudes will be rolled out yet again and the media narrative will be meticulously controlled until the news cycle moves on.

It was some eighteen months ago that Muslim jihadis caused outrage by murdering staff at the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris and only eight months ago when fellow Muslim jihadis murdered a further a hundred and thirty Parisians and injured three hundred and sixty-eight more. Whatever happened to #Je Suis Charlie?

Any reasonable person would have thought that the global political elite would re-appraise their Islamification and forced multi-culturalism agenda in name of public safety but they would be wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Another fine example of the "peace and light" "religion" of islam.
And another fine example of how the world turns a blind eye to islam.
Fracken libturds!!!