Monday, 25 July 2016

Let them eat confetti.......................from Rico

Awesome. Just awesome!
- The "borders? borders? we don't need no stinkin' borders" Democrats (C) put a 4-mile long, 8-ft high fence around the DNC convention in Philly.
Why? Because obviously:
- Keeping average Americans away from their own convention is a GOOD idea.
- Protecting the American border from terrorists, murderers, rapists, and other assorted criminals is a BAD idea.
These folks are immune to irony:
- Barry's White House added 5-feet to the height of his fence in April of this year (defending him from Americans that he won't defend).
- The DNC's fence in Philly protects a site named after a BANK - the Wells Fargo Center.
- The DNC fence is a rental fence installed by the party of rental politicians (more "pay-to-play" is revealed in the last batch of Wikileak DNC e-mails).
One wonders how many GUNS their security will have on site while they discuss ways to repeal the 2nd Amendment?
The message is clear here:
- Laws are for you "little people" and fences & guns are for protecting your "betters."
But take heart Americans!
- You are FREE to watch the historic first coronation in your nation's history from a proper distance, probably on TV where you will be allowed to 'see' and 'hear' exactly - and only - what the DNC and their media whores decide you should hear and see.
Call it the Democrats (C) "let them eat confetti" moment.............

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