Friday, 29 July 2016

Mom was right....................from Rico

What's with that 'hole'.....?
- NO, I am not channeling my inner Billy Clinton.
- YES, I refer to Hillary, and I am not being sexist. I am honestly concerned.
I'm not the only one to have 'noticed' what appears to be a 'hole' in Hillary's tongue from a photo last night in Philly at the DNC.
- I dunno, but THAT does not look 'good' to me.
Genuinely worried, I sought the opinion of some expert friends:
- My Dr friend said that was exactly where you would trepan a politician. In the tongue.
- A Nurse friend said that would be where an enema hose would be inserted in the case of Hillary.
- A Bernie supporter said that was where Hillary's asshole was.
- A politician friend said that's where ALL politicians assholes are, explaining why they talk shit all the time.
- A military friend thought it might have been caused by Bosnian sniper fire.
- The Marquis suggested [deleted] butt plug.
I think they are all wrong, and Mom was right!
- If you LIE you will get a sore on your tongue.

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