Saturday, 30 July 2016

Political Guide to The Flummoxed Jew (et al.).....................from Dan Friedman

[This was written by a FB friend, a religious Jew from Baltimore. Thought I’d pass it along to you. Should clear the air for some of us, the hopeless Hebrew not so much. df]
Between the two candidates we have, it's not even close. We have a blusterer who tells you exactly what he thinks, and a conniver who will tell you exactly whatshe needs to say to get you to vote for her.
One stands entirely with Israel, the other pressures Israel to compromise its security in the face of terror.
One compromised our national security, placed classified information on an unprotected, private server, and then lied about it, and tries to make an issue about the other's sarcastic response that maybe the Russians can get hold of them [the relevant servers are now in a secured FBI facility, so the idea that he was actually encouraging them to do so is ludicrous.]
One has a track record of refusing to identify radical Islamic terror, and blaming terrorism on "occupation," American videos, and any other possible pretense. The other calls terrorism what it is and promises to back Israel's self defense.
One pressures and condemns Israel regarding a two-state solution with a current Arab govt. of despots encouraging and rewarding murder of Jews. The other stands on a platform rejecting the idea that Jews in their own homeland are "occupiers."

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