Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Pot, meet Kettle.....................from Rico

I never thought very highly of Madelaine Albright as Secretary of State, in fact why mince words here...she was a disaster and set the performance bar so low I thought no one could possibly slide under it.
- And I never thought I'd agree with one single thing this globalist harridan ever said...but never say never, she absolutely 'nailed it' with regard to a successor of hers. Hillary Clinton. Even a stopped clock is right sometimes.
Incredibly, Hillary was even WORSE as SecState than Albright was, not only setting new standards for "extremely careless" job performance but bringing Albright's prescient comment about 'security consciousness' to life.
- Apparently Hillary's signature attesting to her being briefed on security responsibilities (here affixed from her being "read in" to SAP programs) is worth just as much as her spoken word....which is to say WORTHLESS. Just like she is.
But before I digress into a diatribe about Hanoi John Kerry's being equal to the task of plumbing new depths of incompetence as SecState, let me return to Hillary's "nobody's too big to jail" comments.
- Good one, Hillary! Now pull the other one why dontcha?

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